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Recent update to the popular soccer simulation game


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PES 2015 takes previous improvements and creates near perfect football.

2014 saw Konami attempt to reinvent its Pro Evolution Soccer franchise.

Graphics were improved, realism was hiked up a notch, and ball and player physics were taken to the next level. It excelled when compared to previous entries inthe series, but it still lacked, in some regards, when compared to FIFA 14.

However, with further improvements and the implementation of an improved andmore immersive game type, Konami may have finally managed to one-up EA, atleast in the eyes of some gamers.

That isn't to say that the game is faultless, but there are very few faults,and many of those can only be put down to the player rather than poor physicsimplementation or poor computer AI – a true achievement in the football simgenre.


In terms of graphics, PES 2014 took a huge step forward and player likeness isremarkably uncanny in some cases. The stadia, too, have been improved overprevious versions, and there are really only very few minor graphical nigglesleft to fault.

Graphics do matter to a game like this, especially one that does have someplayer licences to help immerse players and offer them encouraging familiarity.While there are some animation issues in parts, they are minor and infrequentenough that they won't ruin your game time.


AI is everything in football games. Anybody that has picked up FIFA or PESgames in the past will know the anger and frustration that comes from poor AI:a goalkeeper that stands rooted to his line when the ball is only a foot away, defenders

needlessly running in the wrong direction and lowly ranked opponents managingto block every shot, make every tackle, and score with pinpoint overhead kicks.

Thankfully, the AI is one area where PES 2015 has made some major gains. Notonly are idiotic computer controlled players largely a thing of the past, butthe game truly adapts. From opponents that exploit weaknesses and attempt to

plug those weaknesses that you find, to a reactive crowd that does much morethan cheer goals and boo bookings.

Even if you find a particular tactic that works in the first half of a match,you can expect the opposing manager to change tactics and tweak formation sothat it won't work as well in the second half.

Game Types

One of the complaints of PES 2014, and one of the areas where FIFA was head andshoulders above the Konami franchise was in the game types offered. FIFAUltimate Team has proven a resounding and popular success, while PES Master

League feels dated and poor in comparison. Master League is still there, and isstill lacking in many respects, but Konami has introduced MyClub.

FIFA players will instantly recognise MyClub as having taken liberties whenborrowing features from Ultimate Team, and that may be annoying in somerespects, but it means that PES 2015 has much more depth than its predecessors.

You accumulate coins, unlock expert players, and have to try and pick an onlineteam that has a balanced and beneficial chemistry. Sound familiar?

Thankfully, while Konami has made a few changes to try and make MyClub a littlebit different to Ultimate Team, it has retained much of the enjoyment. They dosay that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and in this case, EA mustbe blushing with pride.

Online Play

Online play is another area where FIFA has triumphed over PES in the past, andnot only because the sheer number of players makes it easier to find a game andcreate a league or tournament.

You can now find a game quickly, and you shouldn't notice any lag issues. Ifyou do, then consider upgrading your Internet connection, or put it down to abad game, because it is a rarity. Online play is as enjoyable as FIFA's own

online offering and that is a good thing.

Licensing Issues Remain

PES has caught up, or nearly caught up with FIFA in a lot of respects, andthere are some elements that it does better. However, EA still holds the trumpcard that is major licensing. It has just about every league, every tournament,

club, player, and stadia from around the world, while Konami's is stilllacking.

For the football fan, there is great comfort to be had from the familiaritythat comes from recognisable players, clubs, and even chants. It brings a smileto your face, and it increase the passion with which you play the game.

Unfortunately, this is still lacking in PES 2015. However, the rest of the gameis good enough to make up for this fact.

Menu And Navigation

A previous complaint of the PES franchise, including the most recent 2014 launch, was an out-dated navigation and menu system. It felt like a 1990s football management game, but without the excitement, and Konami has still to

make any significant improvements in this area. For PES 2016, we sincerely hope that the navigation system and the user interface will be improved, because players spend a lot of time in menus when playing a football sim.


PES 2015 has taken PES 2014, which already represented a significant improvement and rebuild, and made things even better. It may not quite be up to the lofty heights of FIFA in some regards, but in others it has caught up and

even overtaken. There is still room for improvement, but considering how much further this year's title has come compared to last, it should be exciting to see how good the next instalment will prove to be.


  • Stunningly realistic AI
  • Online and offline game types have been greatly improved
  • Good looking and realistic graphics for the most part


  • Some animations can still be a bit odd
  • Master League is dated enough that it should be removed
  • Navigation system still needs updating
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